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Dr. Dai completed Eureka Institute Translational Medicine International Certificate Courses

The Eureka course is focused on biomedical professionals in the early stages of their careers. Previous participants have been approximately equal numbers of PhD and MDs (or MD/PhDs) supplemented with biomedical administrators and industry scientists. Participants will gain appreciation of the spectrum of translation, from an initial biological discovery through to implementation of therapy in clinical practice. Over the intensive 7-day course, participants examine case studies, attend highly focused seminars presented by members of the scientific, medical and biomedical regulatory communities and develop creative and novel problem-solving strategies to build uniquely effective translational medicine teams. Participants enhance their ability to communicate effectively across broad audiences. The program is individually tailored, and is based on learner-centered discussions and mentoring by internationally recognized leaders. Social media venues are established so that researchers can easily communicate with each other and maintain communication after course completion as their careers evolve.



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