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Dai lab is recruiting two postdocs

Two Postdoctoral Positions are available in Lung and Vascular Biology at University of Arizona

Two positions for Postdoc are open in the Dr. Zhiyu Dai lab ( in the Department of Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix. The lab conducts leading interdisciplinary research in the field of lung and vascular biology and pulmonary hypertension (Circulation 2016; two AJRCCM 2018; ERJ, 2022; ATVB, 2022). The lab employs state-of-the-art technologies including genetic lineage tracing, genetic depletion, genetic reporter animal models, and CRISPR-mediated genomic editing, AAV, single-cell omics, and spatial transcriptomics to understand lung vascular diseases.

The ideal candidate will have a solid background in molecular biology with a publication record. Prior experience in either metabolism, epigenetics, bioinformatics, or CRISPR will be preferred but not required. Candidates must have (or expect to receive) a PhD, MD, or MD/PhD degree, prior publications, and be self-motivated.

Competitive salary (following NIH scale), exceptional research environment, and outstanding mentorship for independent career development are available at the University of Arizona. Please send a CV, and a brief statement of research accomplishments and future interests, to Dr. Zhiyu Dai, Assistant Professor, (



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